• tailor made service

    Tailor made service

    Pedicure expert Brice Nicham offers his talent to a happy few all around the world and in very confidential and refined locations. His services are therefore unique and dedicated to both private clients and VIP's. Brice Nicham also offers you a tailored home service. Monte Carlo, New York, Doha: Experience his pedicure expertise wherever you live.

  • business flights

    Business Flights

    In order to meet with the very VIPs' craziest desires, Goodwill, the world's private jets leade, has signed a partnership with Brice Nicham, which is a exclusive world première. French style pedicure is still very much appealing and is now offered in the «Health Pedicure Room Service » in private jets, yachts, airport premium spaces. When Business meet well-being...

  • hotels and spas

    Hotel & Spa

    Brice Nicham's unique expertise & Associates can implement the whole procedure of the « Health Pedicure Room Service » in your hotel and your Spa. We will identify your actual needs together, as well as the corresponding plans and projects. Following the exact same precision, you can also have the services of Brice Nicham's trained team privatised for special Spa events.

  • my posture

    My posture

    Enter the era of intelligent care thanks to 'My Posture' by Brice Nicham. Unique and visionary, 'My Posture' is offered in the most famous football clubs and tennis leagues. Speed up your personal best and performances. Your postural check-up allows us to analyse any problem connected with a bad posture such as multiple pains in your knees and back and, consequently, to adapt efficient treatments tailored to your needs.

  • dedicated to athletes foot

    Dedicated to Athletes foot

    Athletes may experience foot problems that can reduce their performance. He thus created specific protocols for pro athletes who he is following during prestigious competitions such as: US Open, Monte Carlo Masters Tennis, Wimbledon...