Room service pedicure

Aren't travel stories the most magnificent of all? To Brice Nicham, travels are just part of his everyday life. No wonder then that he should have imagined a nomadic space in which facilities and well-being are boundless experiences.

The "Health Pedicure Room Service" is a special space with a home feeling. Tailored cares, unique protocols: this space is an ode to luxury and that special intimate comfort, according to Brice Nicham's wish.

The Health Pedicure Room Service literally embodies " l'allure à la française ". This modern way of taking care of one's feet and hands is Brice Nicham's signature: French expertise.

Facing a market undergoing constant evolution, Brice Nicham offers his partners to outstrip competitors thanks to cares that are as many niches, still missing on the market of Spas and including three uniques domains of expertise : Health, Beauty and Well-being.