foot care by Brice Nicham

Foot Care

Perched in Stilettos, confined in Derbies or in sportshoes, feet undergo constant daily pressure resulting in a definite lack of comfort but also in a thickening of the skin. This is painful and not aesthetic. « The Health Pedicure » is the tailored global solution to your needs, providing both expertise and well-being.

hand care by Brice Nicham

Hand Care

Our hands are also victims of daily attacks. As they show who we are, they are our best visit card, so to speak. They definitely need to be taken care of thanks to specific treatments involving the greatest surgery-like precision. The Health Manicure is the unique care that your hands demand.

nail care by Brice Nicham

Nail Care

Shiny neat nails show our good health. Your nails also also undergo all sorts of stress and certainly deserve consideration and tailored cares. The « Healthy Nail » method opts for the combination of medical and beauty to give your nails beauty and health.